Gear Packing for Adventure. We sent Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and his friends on an unforgettable weekend away together. Follow their trip as they reconnect while camping on the Pacific Coast and golfing in Monterey, California. Produced by GQ, WIRED and Golf Digest with The Glenlivet.
Entertainment The Story of Tommy Dewar Produced by GQ with DEWAR’S. Not many people were mixing whisky marketing and camel-riding in the 19th century, but Tommy Dewar was one of them.
Travel The Perfect Lakeside Getaway: Muskoka, Ontario Produced by GQ with Destination Canada. Muskoka is the energized heart of Ontario’s fabled cottage country, an outdoor-activity utopia that has become increasingly sleek and stylish in recent years. Among the timeless landscapes, there are now a number of local craft breweries, enlightened coffee roasters and design-obsessed shopfronts.
Travel Putting the “Great” in Outdoors: Banff, Alberta Produced by GQ with Destination Canada. Luke got an insider’s experience of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Alberta isn’t just a Canadian treasure: it’s one of the glories of planet earth, a must-visit place where mother nature hits all the high notes. The region is also home to the bustling town of Banff, filled with cutting edge art galleries, a stellar culinary scene, and chic hangouts.
Travel Sun, Style, and Surf: Victoria, British Columbia Produced by GQ with Destination Canada. Locals guided Luke’s journey in discovering a picturesque city experiencing a resurgence of youth culture, with high-quality craftsmanship, a cutting-edge motorcycle community, and world-class surfing.
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Entertainment Burger Fiction Co-Founders Show a Side of Austin You’ve Never Seen Before Jonathan Britnell and Andy Schneider, co-founders of production company Burger Fiction, create a film that takes a unique look at Austin for SXSW.
Sports How a Disabled Veteran Conquered Kilimanjaro A bomb blast takes your legs and you've got a few options: You can sit on the couch for the rest of your days (who would blame you?), or you can struggle to walk again. But Julian Torres, he set his sights way higher. He decided to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. Davy Rothbart tried to keep up.
Celebrities Join Major Lazer as They Party Across Jamaica Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds.
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Food The Foodbeast Dudes Take Cocktail & Cooking Lessons at this Joe Biden-Approved Spot Rudy and Eli stop by the vice president-approved Le Diplomate in Washington D.C. where they try a fresh fruit-infused drink, inspired by a French 75, but with a D.C. twist.
Food How to Craft an Apple, Cherry & Vanilla-Infused Cocktail It's a riff off a French 75, but with fresh fruits and homemade honey syrup. Find out how to make the "Libation without Representation" cocktail from a bartender at Washington D.C.'s Le Diplomate.